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Great Northern, our Mountain Goat, is ready!

Great Northern from the artwork of Daniel Smith

Finally!  It took well over a year to bring Great Northern to completion.  Some of the delay was life, such as Frank’s heart attack, some of the delay was a change in the wonderful community that helps bring a design to completion, some of the delay was auditioning fabric to get just the look we were longing to capture and some of the delay was well at this point, I don’t even remember…  The good news is all of that is behind us and the patterns are printed and folded. The fabric kits with all the original beautiful fabrics are cut and labeled.  Everything is packaged and ready for you.

Great Northern is derived from the beautiful, detailed artwork from famed wildlife artist, Daniel Smith.  We are thankful for his work.  It is an honor to license and recreate his art into art quilt patterns and kits for you.

The mountain goat is the symbol of Glacier National Park which is our neighbor here in Northwest Montana.

Thank you for supporting our family run business!  We appreciate each and everyone of our special customers.

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