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Victoria Schultz

Victoria was born to an artistic family in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Her love of the outdoors started at a very early age and naturally progressed to painting the wildlife she saw.

She traveled extensively throughout the world gathering reference photos for her paintings. Her favorite reference trips include Kenya, South Africa, Yellowstone, Yosemite and the wild areas surrounding her home.

Victoria recognized the importance of observing her subjects in their natural surroundings. “The key to knowing your subject comes from intensive research of anatomy, behavior, and habitat. The actual painting time of a piece is only a fraction of the work; the rest is research.”

Sadly, Victoria’s life was unfairly cut short in 2016 and she passed away unexpectedly due to a brief illness. Victoria’s beautiful soul and magnificent paintings will be cherished forever. We are honored to be able to share her artwork, War Pony, with you!

We can all benefit from Victoria’s thought provoking life philosophies….  
–  Be Kind. Always.
–  Laugh. A lot
– Wag more. Bark Less.
–  And finally, Love. Unconditionally.

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