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Tips for Success!

Pattern Tips:

  • Always read through all of the pattern instructions carefully before beginning any project – Boring but important. Sometimes there will be tips that should be heeded even before you begin to trace and cut.
  • Pattern pieces are grouped by color so cut out each color.  The fabric in our kits is the same size as how the pattern pieces are laid out for that fabric color.
  • Never cut out the pattern pieces off of the page. 
  • The pattern pieces always stay intact on the page.  This way you can reuse your pattern multiple times.  Just trace the pieces onto the fusible web from the pattern page, label with pattern piece number and color number. If the pattern piece is small, label off to the side. 
  • Then fuse it to the wrong side of the fabric and then cut out the fusible/fabric pattern pieces.
  • As soon as you cut out the pattern piece place it in a plastic bag that is labeled by that section or unit’s name such as Antler 1
  • When you get ready to assemble, lay out all your pieces in numerical order to verify that they are all cut and ready to go.
  • Using your applique pressing sheet, laid out on top of the layout guide, begin to assemble the pieces. Start with the lowest number and work your way up.  I like to lightly fuse each piece once I am satisfied with the placement.  The pattern pieces are laid out by the outer edge and are tucked under the prior piece.
  • Once you have assembled an entire section such as an eye or ear, lightly fuse, let it cool and remove from the pressing sheet.  Set it aside and begin a new section.
  • Once all of the sections are assembled, then you can assemble them together for the final product.  Follow this step in your instructions.

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