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Whitetail Delight Completed Quilt – Special Order


A completed Whitetail Delight art quilt in the original fabrics of taupe, golds, rusts and yellows is a must have for the hunter or outdoor enthusiast in your home.


Now you can order a completed Whitetail Delight Quilt directly from Old Growth Art Quilt Design.

Here is why if you can’t make it yourself, order it from us!

  • We use the finest batik fabrics with a high thread count and deep color saturation that you see on the quilt images. 
  • Our quilters meticulously cut and place each piece to match the layout guide. 
  • Our quilters quilt around every piece’s exposed edge to give depth and definition. 
  • Additional quilting is done to bring the quilt to life. 
  • Thread colors match or enhance the quilt’s uniqueness.
  • Borders are quilted in a manner that matches the overall design.
  • Hanging sleeves are included.
  • Quilts are numbered and entered into our quilt registry so you know that it was handmade by Old Growth Art Quilt Design.
  • A numbered, embossed certificate is included.

Special Order Quilts take time!  Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for completion.

The finished quilt measures 22.5″ x 29.5″


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