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War Pony Art Quilt Pattern 1/2 Price Sale!


War Pony Art Quilt Pattern is a powerful rendition of the Paint ready for battle.  

Love our fabric choices?

  Purchase our kits! This design is offered in two fabric kits with different borders, western brown or purple marble as shown in the quilt images.

Embellishment Kit is also available with genuine leather, red and turquoise beads and mock eagle feathers!


The horse has always been an integral part of many cultures.  The Native American Nation is no exception.  This art quilt captures the powerful paint with his nostrils flaring and his mane flying.  He is ready for war with feathers, beads, and the red hand print of ownership. With or without the embellishment, this art quilt captures the beauty with precise detail of one of the most loved and revered animals.


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