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Golden Boy Completed Quilt – Special Order


Golden Boy is a massive bull moose created in deep, rich colors found only in batik fabrics.  This quilt is impressive as it captures the golden sunlight on the body of this formidable animal.  Shades of browns, grays, purples and rusts create a realistic piece of art for your lodge, office or home.

Click on the quilt image to see the amazing detail


Now you can order a completed Golden Boy Quilt directly from Old Growth Art Quilt Design.

Here is why if you can’t make it yourself, order it from us!

  • We use the finest batik fabrics with a high thread count and deep color saturation that you see on the quilt images. 
  • Our quilters meticulously cut and place each piece to match the layout guide. 
  • Our quilters quilt around every piece’s exposed edge to give depth and definition. 
  • Additional quilting is done to bring the quilt to life. 
  • Thread colors match or enhance the quilt’s uniqueness.
  • Borders are quilted in a manner that matches the overall design.
  • Hanging sleeves are included.
  • Quilts are numbered and entered into our quilt registry so you know that it was handmade by Old Growth Art Quilt Design.
  • A numbered, embossed certificate is included.

Special Order Quilts take time!  Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for completion.

The Golden Boy finished quilt measures 27.5″ x 33.5″


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