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Quilts for Sale

Special Order Quilts For Sale!

Have you found a design you absolutely love or know it will bless that special someone but time restraints keep you from creating it yourself?  Old Growth Art Quilt Design can solve your dilemma.

Order a completed quilt from us!  Each quilt is handmade and raw edge machine stitched by our craftsmen using the finest materials available.  Each quilt is stamped with our logo and numbered on the back.  They are sold with an embossed letter of authenticity.  You can be assured that original rich, color saturated batik fabrics are being used.  If a fabric is out of print, only approved fabrics will be substituted.  Backing fabric is a solid color, 100% cotton and not necessarily a batik, that compliments the outer border and binding unless you specify otherwise.  The solid color shows off the logo and quilt number.  Some prefer the backing to match the border and binding.  An agreed upon additional charge may be levied if this is requested.

Golden Boy – Moose

Echoes of the Bugle

Whitetail Delight

Grizzly in the Aspens

Custom ordered quilts created by hand take time.  Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for order fulfillment.


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