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We are not selling notions on our website yet, but we plan on adding them in the near future.

Necessary Notions:

  • Fusible Web – the back pattern cover our patterns tell you how much of this you need to have to complete a particular pattern.  You can not do this type of crafting without it.
  • Batting – Also found on the back pattern cover is the quantity needed per project.  Generally the batting need is 4″ wider and 4″ longer than the completed quilt.  It will be trimmed.
  • Scissors – Small, sharp, pointed scissors with a comfortable handle.  Good scissors are an essential item.We recommend Fiskars Softgrip Micro-Tip® Scissors 7″.
  • Appliqué Pressing Sheet – we recommend the Appliqué Pressing Sheet® by Bear Thread Designs.  They come in three sizes.  We use the small size (13″ x 17″) when we assemble a section (such as an ear) and use the large size (27″ x 30″) when we assemble the entire appliqué.  Our patterns are designed and numbered to be used with an appliqué pressing sheet.

Optional but helpful:

  • Light Box – I believe this is essential but you can use a window that has good light.  I use my light box for all of my tracing and pattern piece layout.
  • Transparent Overlay Sheets – can be used.  These sheets are best if used with a flat bed scanner that has scanned a key section of the layout guide such as an eye or mouth.  Once scanned, lay the sheet over the area you are working on to verify that your pattern placement matches the layout guide.
  • Print and Fuse® – 8.5″ x 11″ paper backed adhesive sheets to be used only in an inkjet printer.  It takes the tracing out of appliqué art quilts.  Our patterns are laid out so you can use this item.

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