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Future Raw Edge Applique Quilt

Future Raw Edge Applique Quilt

While debuting fabric for upcoming appliqué art quilt pattern designs, I was struck by my affection for this medium. Since raw edge appliqué quilts is my forte, I was able to limit the audition to batik fabrics. This is good. People who sew love fabric, sometimes with an obsessive, addictive passion. No judgement on my part, just the facts… Batiks have a high thread count and rich, deep color that saturates the fabric, perfect for what I do.

Fabrics vary in texture, weave, weight, sheen, strength with each variation giving it attributes necessary to fulfill a purpose it was created for. Then there is color and motif to add to the unique look and persona. But it doesn’t stop there. Fabric on the bolt is inspiring especially to the one who is going to create with it. Fabric has potential and at its best is not by remaining on the bolt. Its best is being crafted into something. Flat yardage, under the skill of a creator, becomes a tablecloth on a family dining table where memories are made and shared, a bed quilt to snuggle under in the cold of winter, a dress to wear at a daughter’s wedding, a toy that a grandchild lovingly drags through the toddler years, or a piece of art that hangs on the wall to be viewed by every guest that comes into your home.

Similar to us, our variations give us abilities to fulfill purposes we were created for, each unique. Our potential to do more, to be more by the touch of the Creator.

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