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Mother’s Day 2017 – A Reflection on a Friend

Mother’s Day, May 14, 2017

Yellow Sunflower

Yellow, mom’s favorite color

The dictionary gives us this definition of friend: A person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard

My mother was fiercely proud, stubbornly unforgiving, arrogantly intelligent, and my closest, most trusted friend growing up. She loved me unconditionally, wanted only the best for me, and believed that I could accomplish anything, but above all she liked me. My mother genuinely liked me as a person, an individual entity, separate from being her child. My mother had personal regard for me.

Growing up I didn’t know how rare our friendship was. Unusual and exceptional is that concept in today’s world but it is a life gift to a child. I have witnessed the devastation that the opposite evokes when a child believes that their own mother doesn’t love them let alone like them. So deeply rooted in my being is this gift of friendship that even to this day when I encounter the opposite through the confidences of another, I am troubled to my core.

My mother’s friendship extended to life lessons she taught me for my good. One of the more profound truths that she imparted was “The world doesn’t revolve around you!” WHAT! I couldn’t grasp that one as a preschooler but she prevailed. And you know, she was right.  It doesn’t!  And I am glad it doesn’t – probably expect you are too. There are more lessons – lots more lessons. I had a lot of learning to do growing up. Perhaps I will share them with you as time permits.

My mother passed away well over twenty years ago. The feelings of affection still strengthen and comfort me. Her friendship is still and always will be with me.

My mother would have liked our art quilt pattern company. She taught me how to sew. She would have liked Debi Hubbs’ whimsical art. Her favorite color was yellow.

Just so you know, even though the world doesn’t revolve around me, there are parts of my world that are good, fun, and creative and you may want to be a part of:

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A bird and his friend

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May your Mother’s Day be filled with love and friendship!


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