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A Small Town with a Big Welcome!

As a behind the scenes person who has been involved in the quilting industry for quite a few years, venturing out from underneath my fabric stash and pulling myself away from the computer has been an interesting and rewarding experience.  Honestly, I don’t know of a better bunch of people than the “quilting community” to […]

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Soft feathery needles changing color is fall.

Golden Days!

It is fall in Montana and gold is everywhere. The trees have gently changed color this year. Without a hard, frigid frost autumn has come in slowly so the forests have put on quite a show with their costume changes. Some have had a fiery display going from green to deep burgundy before the leaves […]

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Thankful for the blessings of the land


This week is Thanksgiving.  It is our favorite holiday in the Bramante’s cabin.  It is a time for reflecting on our blessings.  They are plentiful.  We actually have been preparing for this week for awhile.  Frank is an avid gardener and he plants pumpkins every three years or so.  This year was the year.  He […]

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Future Elk Raw Edge Applique Quilt


While debuting fabric for upcoming appliqué art quilt pattern designs, I was struck by my affection for this medium. Since raw edge appliqué quilts is my forte, I was able to limit the audition to batik fabrics. This is good. People who sew love fabric, sometimes with an obsessive, addictive passion. No judgement on my […]

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